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Sheriff-Elect T.K. Waters Announces Senior Command Staff and Other Key Roles at the Agency
November 18, 2022
This week, Sheriff-Elect T.K. Waters announced his staff as he prepares to take the helm of the agency this Sunday, November 20, 2022.

Nick Burgos will remain serving as the second in command for the agency. Burgos was appointed to the role of Undersheriff in June 2022 when Sheriff Ivey took office.

Under the command of the Sheriff and Undersheriff, the agency is divided into five departments, each sub-divided into divisions and sections. Sheriff-Elect Waters’ staff appointments for these positions are as follows:
  • Department of Patrol & Enforcement – Director Joe Cowan
    • Patrol Division – Chief Jaime Eason
      • Patrol Zone 1 (Downtown / Springfield / Eastside) – Assistant Chief Jimmy Ricks
      • Patrol Zone 2 (Arlington / Intracoastal West) – Assistant Chief Felipe “Phil” Alicea
      • Patrol Zone 3 (Southside / Mandarin / San Marco) – Assistant Chief Randi Glossman
      • Patrol Zone 4 (Riverside / Avondale / Ortega / Westside) – Assistant Chief Scott Dingee
      • Patrol Zone 5 (Northwest / New Town / Baldwin) – Assistant Chief Jonathan Barrier*
      • Patrol Zone 6 (Northside / San Mateo / Oceanway) – Assistant Chief Chuck Ford
    • Patrol Support Division – Chief Jennifer Short
      • Specialized Patrol Section – Assistant Chief Paul Restivo
      • Community Engagement Section – Assistant Chief Morris Halyard
    • Special Events Division – Chief Ellis Burns
      • Special Events Section – Assistant Chief Will Janes
  • Department of Investigations & Homeland Security – Director Shawn Coarsey*
    • Investigations Division – Chief Mark Romano
      • Major Case Section – Assistant Chief J.D. Stronko*
      • Violence Reduction Section – Assistant Chief Michael Paul
      • Property Crimes & Investigative Support Section – Assistant Chief Dan Shelton
    • Homeland Security Division – Chief Steve Gallaher
      • Special Operations Section – Assistant Chief Chris King
      • Narcotics & Vice Section – Assistant Chief Edwin Cayenne
  • Department of Police Services – Director Larry Schmitt
    • Budget Division – Chief Bill Clement
    • Support Services Division – Chief Deloris O’Neal
      • Communications Section – Assistant Chief Petena Tillman
      • Information Systems Management Section – Assistant Chief Alan Parker
  • Department of Personnel & Professional Standards – Director Brian Kee
    • Human Resources Division – Chief Kevin Goff
    • Professional Standards Division – Chief Chris Brown
      • Training Section – Assistant Chief Erica Weber
      • Public Accountability Section – Assistant Chief Mike Shell
      • Compliance Section – Executive Diana Wendland
  • Department of Corrections – Director Tammy Morris
    • Jails Division – Chief Warren Calloway
      • PDF Custody & Housing Section – Assistant Chief Adrian O’Neal
      • PDF Operations Section – Assistant Chief Richard Long
      • PDF Support Services Section – Assistant Chief Kina Paschal
      • Court Services Section – Major Jim Carney III
    • Prisons Division – Chief Ruben Bryant
      • Community Transition Center Section – Assistant Chief John Verwey
      • Montgomery Correctional Center Section – Assistant Chief Earl Prescott
    • Programs & Transitional Services Division – Chief Joshua Benoit
“Throughout the course of this election cycle, I made a commitment to our community to take the JSO in a new direction,” said Sheriff-Elect T.K. Waters. “The safety of our community is paramount and the agency moving forward must have the very best in positions of leadership. In both of the recent elections, the double-digit percentage victories were the voice of our community confirming I should be Jacksonville’s next Sheriff, and the man to lead JSO in the direction it needs to go. As I looked at the current Administration, the changes to staff appointments have been made as a direct result of my commitment to the community. I firmly believe the men and women that I have placed into their new roles are the future of the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and we, working together with our citizens, will bring about the new direction needed to make our community a better and safer place to live.”

The appointments to Director and Chief will be subject to City Council approval.

Sheriff-Elect Waters expects more consolidation and reorganization, as these leaders take over management of their respective areas.

*Indicates appointment takes effect Thursday, November 24, 2022.
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