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Community Engagement Opportunities
Sheriff's Watch Programs

The Sheriff’s Watch programs focus on citizen engagement with police to make our community a safer place.  The level of participation varies and the programs cater to a wide range of audiences. We have something for everyone!

In this section you will learn about:

Sheriff’s Watch – Apartments

The Sheriff’s Watch — Apartments program is a voluntary partnership between the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, property managers, owners, staff, and residents.

The goal is to provide a framework for a coordinated effort among all parties, in order to engage residents and management with the police and help them create a residence committed to safety and the prevention of crime.

The program offers training to management and staff. Sheriff’s Watch — Apartments Coordinators are assigned to help facilitate the flow of information among each community’s participants.

There are three levels of participation and certification in the Sheriff’s Watch — Apartments program. The benefits of joining are outlined below. The levels of membership, requirements, and the benefits for each level are also detailed in the Sheriff’s Watch — Apartments Information Handbook.

For more information please contact the Sheriff's Watch - Apartments Coordinator in your police service district.

If you are unsure which district your apartment community is located in, please find your district on the interactive map. We look forward to working with you!

List of Level Three - Gold and Level Two - Silver Properties(as of September 14, 2022)

As the manager of the property you will receive training through a program taught by a Sheriff’s Watch — Apartments Coordinator. There are no fees associated with participating in the training. 

Benefits Include:

  • You will have access to a Sheriff’s Watch — Apartments Coordinator specifically for trespass related issues.
  • Use of the Manager’s Toolbox located online at
  • You will receive a “Level One—Bronze” Certificate for display in your leasing office
  • As a “Level One—Bronze” member you will automatically become a member of Sheriff’s Watch — Apartments, and also have the opportunity to join other Sheriff’s Watch programs.

After the completion of “Level One”, a property assessment evaluation will be conducted (upon request) by the assigned Sheriff’s Watch — Apartments Coordinator. The Maintenance Supervisor will receive Sheriff’s Watch — Apartments training, as the property must meet the landscaping criteria identified in the evaluation. The Manager of the rental property will be required to have an established method of communication with residents.

Benefits Include:
  • An on-site property assessment evaluation will be provided at no charge, upon request
  • You will receive additional access to your Sheriff’s Watch—Apartments Coordinator for trespass issues, specific incidents and a Property Assessment Inspection
  • Use of the Manager’s Toolbox located online at
  • The rental community will be listed on JSO’s Website ( showing that it is a “Level Two-Silver” certified property
  • You will receive a “Level Two—Silver” Certificate for display in your rental office

In addition to the completion of “Level One” and “Level Two”, the community must meet all the requirements outlined in the property assessment evaluation.

Benefits Include:

  • You will have full access to a Sheriff’s Watch — Apartments Coordinator for any issues or incidents related to the Sheriff’s Watch – Apartments Program.
  • Use of the Manager’s toolbox located online at  (and program related software)
  • The rental community will be listed on the JSO public website ( showing that it is a “Level Three—Gold” certified property
  • You will receive a “Level Three—Gold” Certificate for display in your rental office
  • The property shall purchase Sheriff’s Watch — Apartments signs to display on site, showing participation in the program
  • We will provide Property Management with the Sheriff’s Watch — Apartments logo for use in advertisements about the property for the duration of the Gold Level distinction
  •  A JSO Officer will conduct a yearly tenants’ meeting and/or property walk.
  • “Level Three—Gold” properties will be eligible to receive recognition from the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff’s Watch – Español

The goal of Sheriff’s Watch – Español is to help bridge the relationship between JSO and citizens in the Hispanic community and provide a way to get information from JSO about safety concerns and solutions. This is also an opportunity to speak one-on-one with the police about crime issues in your neighborhood. For more information about upcoming meetings please call the International Affairs Office at 904.630.0914 or email

Sheriff's Watch - Neighborhood also known as JSO's Neighborhood Watch Program

Sheriff’s Watch – Neighborhood, also known as a neighborhood watch group, is a program designed for neighbors to watch out for other neighbors during times when criminal activity would most likely occur, and report suspicious activity to the police.

A police officer patrolling your neighborhood may not recognize a stranger in your yard, but your neighborhors would. Neighbors know who you are and the type of car you drive. They may be the first to notice a burglar at your window or door – or a strange car in your driveway.

» Apply for Sheriff's Watch - Neighborhood today!

Important Information
  • National Night Out 2024 is scheduled to take place Tuesday, August 6, 2024 throughout Jacksonville.
           » Registration Form
  • Has your neighborhood held its annual meeting for 2023? 
           »  Neighborhood Watch Coordinators, please click here to log this information or call 904.630.2160.

For more information about this program please contact the Community Engagement Office at 904.630.2160.

Sheriff’s Watch – River

Citizens living and working on the beautiful waterways in Jacksonville find themselves with a unique vulnerability and crime challenge.

This network of river-facing businesses and homes provides a virtual “neighborhood watch” that includes alerts from JSO and the ever important connection to one another.

» Apply for Sheriff's Watch - River today!

For more information about this program please contact the Community Engagement Office at 904.630.2160.

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