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Corrections Officer

Florida Certified and Non-Certified Positions


To be a Corrections Officer with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office means you are a member of a team dedicated to providing order and stability to incarcerated offenders.

This career path requires tremendous responsibility and provides long term job security.

JSO’s Department of Corrections is comprised of more than 750 Corrections Officers and civilian personnel. The department includes three correctional facilities all provide secure, humane, corrective and productive detention of individuals incarcerated in Duval County.

Are you interested in joining our team? Please click here to apply! A member of our recruitment team will be in touch.Connect with a Recruiter

Additional Information:  Benefits Equivalency of Training | LIMITED TIME - Hiring Incentive | Physical Abilities Test | Qualifications Salary What To Do After You Apply



Here at the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office we view the time that offenders are incarcerated as time that can be spent restoring character, improving education and developing life skills.

Corrections Officers are the foundation on which this philosophy is built. The daily interaction with offenders affords Corrections Officers the opportunity to help people become better citizens and more capable of functioning in society upon release. This in turn helps reduce the rate of recidivism in Jacksonville.


Following a required amount of time, Corrections Officers have numerous opportunities to move to a different fulltime assignment. These areas include, but are not limited to: the Fugitive Unit, ICE, Transportation Unit, Electronic Monitoring, Security Unit, Training Unit and Recruiting.

Officers are eligible to take advancement tests for the rank of sergeant followed by lieutenant after fulfilling the years of service and educational requirements outlined by the agency.

  • Be at least 18-years of age
  • Be a citizen of the United States of America
  • Must possess a valid driver’s license in your state of residence
  • Applicants must have a High School diploma or GED equivalent (official transcripts required)
  • Be in good physical condition. Please see below for information about the Corrections Physical Abilities Test.
  • Must be able to run a mile in under 12 minutes.
  • Must pass Correctional Officers Basic Ability Test (COBAT) with a score of 70% or better.
  • Be of good moral character
  • TATTOOS:  
    • Tattoos are NOT permitted on the face or neck (if visible while wearing a collared shirt).
    • One visible tattoo on each hand, not to exceed one inch in measurement in all directions is permitted. 
    • One ring band tattoo is permitted on each hand.
    • Tattoos behind the ear cannot exceed one inch in measurement in all directions and cannot extend forward of the ear lobe. 
    • Any visible tattoo (e.g., on the hand, behind the ear) will not be permitted if deemed unacceptable.
  • NOT HAVE received a dishonorable discharge from any of the Armed Forces
  • NOT HAVE been convicted of any felony
  • NOT HAVE been convicted of a misdemeanor involving false statement, perjury or domestic violence
  • IN ADDITION, the following areas may result in applicants being suspended from the hiring process: credit history including bankruptcy and collections; past drug use; inappropriate social media; driving history, work history; criminal activity and associations with known criminals; and inappropriate tattoos.

Working in Corrections is an amazing opportunity and great career path in law enforcement that can lead to promotional advancements, advanced job assignments and other paths within the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office.

Are you interested in joining our team? Please click here to apply! A member of our recruitment team will be in touch.


Non-Certified Corrections Applicants

  • Criminal Justice Basic Abilities Test - To register and schedule please visit or by calling 1.877.729.0059 (toll free) Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. - 10 p.m.; Saturdays, 7 a.m. - 4 p.m.; and Sundays 9 a.m. - 3 p.m. CST

    The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office will sponsor recruit training for Non-Certified Corrections at the Northeast Florida Criminal Justice Training Center. Recruits will receive a salary and tuition will be paid to the candidates selected for the class.

Certified Corrections Officers

  • A Correction’s Training Certification issued by the Florida Criminal Justice Standards and Training Commission. A copy of state exam test score must be submitted.


The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office is providing PAID Equivalency of Training (EOT) for those applicants who wish to work for the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office (JSO). This program allows you to be an employee of JSO and be paid a regular salary while you are in the course and studying for the state exam. We will also cover the full cost of the EOT course which is about $1,000 (including the $250 application fee). EOT courses are held here at the Northeast Florida Criminal Justice Center (Police Academy) in Jacksonville, FL roughly two to three times a year. If you have questions regarding the EOT program please contact Corrections Officer F. Williams at 904.476.5072.


The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office conducts a series of physical ability tests as part of the Correctional Officer application requirements. The test is a continuous course composed of certain events relative to the job of Corrections Officer. The following is a description of the test.


  • Corrections Recruit (while going to the Academy and during the Field Training Program): $43,572 annually
  • Upon completion of training: $45,960 annually ($22.10 per hour)
  • After one year of continuous service: $48,444 annually ($23.29 per hour)
  • Limited Time Hiring Incentive - A $10,000 hiring incentive for both certified and non-certified applicants to be disbursed in the following schedule: 
    • $2,500 upon completion of the Corrections Training Academy,
    • $2,500 upon completion of the Corrections Field Training Officer (FTO) Program,
    • and $5,000 at the end of probation. 
    • The hiring incentive is currently available for the next Corrections class.
  • Automatic step increases to $77,464 annually after 17 years of continuous service
Corrections Sergeants earn 20% above an officer’s pay, ranging between $67,212 to $92,950 annually. Corrections Lieutenants earn 20% above a sergeant’s salary, ranging between $80,652 to $111,535 annually.

In addition, those in corrections ranks may be eligible to receive education incentives. Other pay premium includes shift differential, working out-of-classification, state career incentives for advanced training, etc. Additionally, annual salary increases if assigned to a facility with 12-hour shifts.

*All salaries listed above are effective October 1, 2023. Paycheck calculations are based on 26 pay periods and before any taxes or deductions.  These base salaries increase in accordance with applicable collective bargaining agreements.

  • Paid time off (Annual Leave) 
    • Begins at 200 hours per year
    • Increases every five years
    • Tops out at 350 hours per year after 25 years of service
  • 240 hours per year for Military Leave
  • 12 paid holidays
  • 1 personal leave day 
  • Defined Contribution Plan –
    • 10% from employee
    • City of Jacksonville contributes an additional 25% (250% match)
    • Total: $15,250 est. contribution per year
    • Employees are vested in the Defined Contribution Plan at three years of service and may withdraw from the plan at age 50 without penalty.
  • Medical / Dental / Vision plans
  • Employee Life Insurance
  • Paid Parental Leave
  • Overtime assignments
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The Consolidated City of Jacksonville and the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office are Equal Opportunity / Equal Access Employers. To read the Mayor's Statement please click here. For more information about Equal Employment Opportunity, visit or

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