The Vice Unit investigates crimes related to prostitution, adult entertainment violations, alcohol violations within establishments, illegal massage establishments, lewd acts in public, dog fighting, and gambling.

The Jacksonville Drug Abatement Response Team (DART) was established to combat illegal drugs in Jacksonville by supplementing the traditional approach to solving the drug problem. This program is a partnership between the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office and the City of Jacksonville to focus on the property where drug activity and/or other illegal activities flourishes. By working with landlords/property owners, code enforcement strategies are developed and resources are brought to bear to reduce and eliminate crime. Actions include bringing the property up to code, as a way to deter illegal activity on the site.

For more information regarding this program, please contact: 
DART Hotline: (904) 630-7482


The Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Unit investigates crimes dealing with the transmission and reception of child pornography over the internet, and the solicitation of sex from children over the internet.

With Internet access so readily available in homes and schools, on cell phones, and in local libraries, parents must remain vigilant about the potential dangers of their children's online activities.

The internet is a wonderful tool from which we all benefit everyday. But it can also be a dangerous place for children and teenagers if they use it without supervision and without YOUR guidance about what is and is not appropriate and acceptable.

Remember the basic rules of computer use by children and teens: Keep the computer in a room shared by the entire family; discuss before-hand what sites you prohibit your child from visiting; and discuss internet behavior that is not acceptable (chat rooms, etc). And no sharing of personal information without your permission!

For more information about keeping your children safer while using the internet, please visit

The primary function of the Technical Support Unit is to provide support through the use of current electronic technologies to enhance the effectiveness, efficiency and completeness of investigations for the entire agency. The detectives in this unit store, issue, maintain, operate and install electronic equipment used in investigations.

Members of the unit respond to all SWAT/Negotiator callouts to provide support for telephone communications. They work closely with technical support components of different state and federal agencies to enhance and support multi-agency investigations. Their use of technology helps the JSO achieve investigative resolutions quickly, accurately, and with cost-effective results.

Members of the Warehouse Unit are responsible for storing, releasing and tracking all seized vehicles and any other vehicle that is to be held for evidence longer than five days. They also assign covert cars as well as organize vehicle auctions of awarded vehicles.

The Forfeiture Unit is responsible for handling all seized money, vehicles and personal property going through the state legal system. This includes reviewing seizures, collecting associated documentation and filing any necessary paper work. The Unit also releases any vehicles necessary and negotiates settlements on vehicles and money that have been seized for forfeiture.