Don't Be a #DuvalTrafficTruths Statistic

March 29, 2018  
#DuvalTrafficTruths: You're more likely to die in a traffic crash in Duval County than be murdered. JSO cares about you, drive safe.

Let's Talk About This Issue and Change Behaviors

JACKSONVILLE, FL (March 29, 2018) - Each week the staggering number of untimely deaths as a result of a traffic crash increases here in Duval County, Florida. The statistics show that a citizen has more of a chance of being killed in a crash than being murdered in this community. The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is asking for citizens to help bring awareness to this serious and preventable issue. Follow #DuvalTrafficTruths on social media and share this information. The only way the statistics will decrease is by changing the bad behaviors of pedestrians, bicyclists and drivers.

In addition to following #DuvalTrafficTruths on social media, please review this presentation given by Assistant Chief Brian Kee with JSO’s Specialized Patrol Section. He presented to the Drug Free Duval Coalition meeting on Tuesday, March 27th regarding the realities of traffic fatalities on our roadways and the efforts JSO is taking to help fix this ongoing issue.

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