The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Canine Unit is comprised of sworn police officers who oversee the operations of more than 20 Police Service Dogs (PSD) with a majority trained for dual purpose; and a few dedicated to narcotics and One of JSO's Police Service Dogs during training.searches for human beings.

All of the PSDs are trained for patrol dog work: apprehensions, area searches, tracking, and article searches. The dogs are cross trained in explosive detection and in narcotics detection.

The Canine Unit plays a vital role in the seizure of contraband, including cash and narcotics. In addition, the Canine Unit conducts Protective Explosive Searches in area sports venues and numerous Protective Explosive Searches for visiting dignitaries.

One of JSO's Police Service Dogs during training.The Canine Unit conducts demonstrations at churches, schools and private organizations. In addition to the demonstrations, the Canine Unit conducts dozens of narcotic searches for public and private schools.