The Aggravated Battery Unit investigates non-fatal shooting incidents. Additionally, the task force targets violent offenders who have ties to illegal narcotics and firearms activities that often lead to these types of shooting incidents.
It is under the command of the Aggravated Battery Unit Lieutenant and staffed by one sergeant and eight detectives. The detectives work in pairs and investigate firearm discharge cases including aggravated batteries, aggravated assaults, and shootings into occupied dwellings/vehicles.
Like all JSO investigative units, they work closely with other investigative units to solve these crimes, such as: the GangNarcotics; and Homicide Units. They also work in conjunction with the State Attorney's Office Major Crimes Unit, which examines these cases for enhanced penalties.

The ultimate goal of this unit is to apprehend suspects involved in gun crimes; identify patterns or trends of violence; make prosecutable cases, and subsequently prevent situations from escalating into murder.

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