The Homeland Security and Narcotics/Vice Division is led by Chief Robert Connor; Assistant Chief T.K. Waters, Violence Reduction Strategy; Assistant Chief Nick Burgos, Homeland Security and Tactical Support sections; and Assistant Chief Mike Johnson, Narcotics/Vice /Organized Crime section. The Homeland Security Division is comprised of multiple sections and units responsible for a wide range of specialized police functions.

The Division operates under the Department of Investigations and Homeland Security. It is responsible for the coordination, communication, preparedness and implementation of all domestic and/or foreign security initiatives. The Division acts as an information and intelligence conduit to other state and local organizations, and works in partnership with many federal agencies.

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Chief Robert Connor
Chief Robert Connor
Homeland Security & Narcotics/Vice Division


Assistant Chief T.K. Waters Assistant Chief Nick Burgos

Assistant Chief Mike Johnson

Assistant Chief T.K. Waters
Violence Reduction Strategy
Assistant Chief Nick Burgos
Homeland Security
Assistant Chief Mike Johnson
Narcotics/Vice/Organized Crime


Tactical Support Section