The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office offers a range of programs to its inmate population. The purpose of this service is to strengthen public safety by reducing re-arrest (recidivism), changing destructive behaviors, and preparing the offender for a successful re-entry into the Jacksonville community.

Facility Tours

Tours are conducted by our Programs Unit staff during various times and days at all of the corrections facilities. For more information or to schedule a tour, contact the Programs Unit at (904) 630-5741.
Correctional Facilities: Pretrial Detention Facility (PDF); Montgomery Correctional Center (MCC); and the Community Transition Center (CTC).

Below is an alphabetical listing of the programs currently offered at each Department of Corrections facility.  For more information concerning any of our programs, please contact the Department of Corrections Programs Unit at (904) 630-5764.

Alcoholics and Narcotics Anonymous Support Group

Volunteers from these two nationally-based programs come into our facilities and meet with inmates to discuss and share challenges of beating alcohol addiction and substance abuse. These programs provide inmates with a support network and ways to overcome their addictions through applying the principles of the Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of AA/NA. or
Program available at PDF, MCC and CTC

AmeriCorps Program

This is a comprehensive employment and training program designed to provide educational, vocational and life skills while simultaneously providing homes for low-income families.  While in the program, AmeriCorps participants receive training for GED testing, vocational instruction, money management skills and pre-employment/job readiness skills. Participants remain in the program beyond incarceration, until they are transitioned into permanent employment, apprenticeship programs, school or the military. Participants must be males between the ages of 18-24 and U.S. citizens.
Program available at CTC

Anger Management

This program is designed to assist men and women with understanding what anger is and how to control their emotions. They will learn how to build self-confidence, self-worth and how to communicate with others in a positive manner. Anger management is a faith based program that is facilitated by staff from the Conquering Gospel Ministry, Inc.
Program available at MCC

Arts on the Inside

Faculty from the University of North Florida (UNF) facilitates this art and writing class for or incarcerated juveniles. The juvenile “students” complete assignments that assist them in expressing themselves in various art forms from poetry to music. Their finished product is critiqued by UNF Creative Writing Students, who also provide them with feedback. This program allows the incarcerated “students” and the university students the opportunity to exchange ideas and hear the “real” voices of people that they probably wouldn’t associate with in everyday life.
Program available at PDF

Batterers Intervention

The goal of the in-custody Batterers Invention Program is to help the abusers identify and stop their violent, abusive and controlling behavior towards others and to help them understand the effects of their behaviors. The program suggests alternatives to the attendees of ways to stop the violence, abuse and control. Batterers’ invention challenges abusers to become accountable for their behavior. This program is based on the First Step Program offered at Hubbard House and is facilitated by Hubbard House staff.
Program available at CTC

Big Book Study

Alcoholics Anonymous: The Story of How Many Thousands of Men and Women Have Recovered from Alcoholism (generally known as The Big Book), was written in 1939 by one of the primary founders of AA, William Griffin (aka Bill W.). The book describes how to recover from alcoholism. This is program facilitated by volunteers from Alcoholic Anonymous.,
Program available at CTC

Born Learning

The Born Learning Initiative is a national program facilitated by volunteers from the United Way of Northeast Florida.  This program covers the various issues associated with the growth and development of children to include communicating with children, effective discipline and early literacy. The Born Learning program was certified in 2008 by the Department of Children and Families (DCF) and the 4th Circuit Court as an approved parenting class. This program is provided for incarcerated females that have been court ordered to attend a parenting class and any other incarcerated female that wants to learn valuable skills needed to reunify their family after incarceration. For more information visit:
Program available at PDF and CTC

Bridges to Life

This is a rehabilitation program in which crime victims interact directly with offenders. This fourteen week program is facilitated by Bill Dyer, Restored Life Journeys. The program is for sentenced inmates (male and female) with at least four months remaining in jail. Each week covers a topic that will help to restore peace, faith, forgiveness, a process of healing and taking accountability for their actions. For more information visit:  and
Program available at MCC

Cathedral Arts Project

The mission of the Cathedral Arts Project is to enrich the quality of life in Northeast Florida through unleashing the creative spirit of young people by providing access to instruction in visual arts. The goal is to empower and motivate our juveniles to succeed in setting goals like finishing school and becoming productive adults. Age appropriate benchmarks from the Florida Department of Education’s Sunshine State Standards are incorporated into lesson plans. 
Program available at PDF

Communities in Schools of Jacksonville (CIS)

A leading drop-out prevention program assisting and supporting jailed juveniles in developing the necessary skills to complete high school, seek employment and have a positive start upon release. This program provides these individuals with mentoring and tutoring.
Program available at PDF

County Public School #176

The Duval County School Board conducts high school level classes at the Pretrial Detention Facility that parallel those offered in the rest of the county. Five teachers and a principal oversee the program. It is the mission of School #176 to enhance a student’s academic skills. Incarcerated juveniles that successfully complete this program participate in a graduation ceremony similar to a High School graduation ceremony held in the outside community. School #176 has been successful not only in its graduation efforts, but in maintaining continuity of the educational process in and out of jail. This program is for incarcerated juveniles and school age adults that wish to obtain their high school diploma.
Program available at PDF

Developing Adults with Necessary Skills (DAWN)

This program is operated by the City of Jacksonville Community Services Department in partnership with the JSO department of Corrections and FSCJ to provide a unique four-tiered approach of education. GED classes, vocational skills training, employment/life skills training and transitional counseling opportunities provided to adult inmates to successfully integrate them back into society. Upon successful completion of the program, inmates are given the opportunity to take the GED test.
Program available at PDF

Domestic Offenders Obtaining Re-education (DOORS)

This is a batterer’s intervention program based on the First Step program facilitated by Hubbard House.  The program targets sentenced male inmates, giving them the skills needed to find and control the source of their anger.  The majority of inmates attending are court ordered to attend this twelve week program.
Program available at PDF and MCC

Employability Skills Classes

An employability skills courses assists inmates with finding suitable employment after their release from custody.  Inmates will develop employment seeking skills such as searching for job openings, proper completion of employment applications and job interview skills.  These classes are facilitated by River Region Human Services, Inc.
Program available at CTC

First Step

This is a six week motivational program for incarcerated females. The goal of this program is to provide each individual with the necessary skills needed to improve self-esteem, establish a sense of self-worth and build better relationships with the people around them.  This program is facilitated by local Author, Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, Anita Spencer.
Program available at PDF and MCC

General Equivalency Classes

This program provides an alternative means for adult inmates who have not obtained their high school diploma to work on getting their General Equivalency Diploma (GED). This program is made possible by a partnership between the JSO and Florida State College at Jacksonville (FSCJ).
Program available at PDF, MCC, and CTC

Home Detention

The Home Detention Program is an alternative to incarceration for offenders who require less than institutional custody but more than probationary supervision. Program participants pay for the cost of supervision and must abide by all rules to avoid incarceration.
Program available at CTC

Hope At Hand

Hope At Hand, Inc. is a non-profit organization that utilizes a blend of writing, poetry and art to provide a therapeutic approach meant to facilitate healing and personal growth in juveniles and young adults. Hope at Hand is an ongoing program.
Program available at PDF

Incarcerated Fatherhood

This program is facilitated by the Northeast Florida Health Coalition. It provides support and encouragement for incarcerated parents dealing with the stress of parenting and difficulties in raising children. Participants learn alternatives to corporal punishment and other effective parenting strategies. Program available at CTC

Inside Out Dad

This program is a part of the National Fatherhood Initiative and is facilitated by volunteers from the United Way of Northeast Florida. Inside Out Dad assists fathers with the challenges of reunifying their families after being incarcerated.
Program available at PDF and MCC

Learn to Read

This literacy program is facilitated by Literacy Pros of Jacksonville. Literacy Pros staff train inmates to be literacy tutors. These tutors then provide one-on-one instruction for inmates who are at or below the sixth grade reading skills level.
Program available at CTC

Matrix House

Matrix House is the substance abuse treatment flagship program based at the Community Transition Center. The Matrix House is a 120-day in-house drug treatment program. Matrix House has been independently evaluated and praised for its effectiveness in overcoming issues of addiction and abuse. River Region Human Services, Inc. partners with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office to facilitate this program. The evidence-based "Therapeutic Community" approach is used, which teaches and encourages persons with substance abuse issues to begin their road to sobriety and/or recovery. The in-house program is followed upon release from incarceration by a year of aftercare through River Region Human Services, Inc. in the community. Many offenders have successfully completed this program, allowing them to once again be contributing and productive members of their family and our community. For more information visit:
Program available at CTC

Meditation in Recovery

Practicing AA members lead the inmates in this meditation program. Meditation goals are to help the inmate reach a point of deeper mental and physical relaxation as well as clarity of mind and soul. The inmates thinking process will be become clearer and intuition and inspiration will become more a part of the meditator’s thought process.
Program available at CTC

Money Management

Participants are taught, in a ten hour series, by volunteers from the University of Florida on how to develop personal spending and savings plans. The participants create financial goals, learn to use credit cards and installment loans and how to avoid predatory alternatives to mainstream credit, obtain credit histories/scores and learn how to check and correct their own credit history. Participants also learn to choose and manage a checking and savings account.
Program available at CTC and PDF

A New Leash on Life

A New Leash on Life is a canine obedience training program made possible by a community partnership between Pit Sisters and the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office. The program improves the adoptability of homeless dogs from our local shelter, while teaching the inmate participants responsibility, accountability, and coping skills. Additionally, courses covering cognitive thinking skills, career development, and re-entry assistance services are provided to the participants. These improved life skills will assist the participants with their re-entry into the community and help reduce recidivism rates.
Program available at MCC

Pre-Release Program

Pre-Release is a program for approved unemployed offenders housed at the Community Transition Center (CTC). The offenders’ needs for vocational enrollment and/or job development and placement are addressed by facility counselors. Program participants also receive referrals for services such as housing, vocational, employment, food, and other social services. Throughout this program, participants receive help and guidance from their counselors with the goal of helping these individuals to reenter the Jacksonville community in better shape than they usually would as an ex-offender.
Program available at CTC

Reconnect With Your Children

This mentoring program is facilitated by Family Support Services of North Florida. Community volunteers are trained to mentor incarcerated males and females that need assistance in reconnecting with their children upon release. The mentors visit their mentees twice a month throughout the mentee’s incarceration. To be eligible for this program, individuals must be convicted as an adult in Duval County, have children under the age of 18 that they wish to unite with and be scheduled to be released from custody within 120 days to the Jacksonville area.
Program available at PDF, MCC, and CTC

Religious Services

Religious services are offered to all inmates housed in our facilities. Religious programs are led or supervised by staff chaplains, contract spiritual leaders or community volunteers and are offered at least twice a week. Facility chaplains are on call for times of emergency. Upon request, inmates are given religious material by our chaplaincy staff. For more information please contact our Chaplin’s Office at (904) 630-5739.
Program available at PDF, MCC, and CTC

Residential Substance Abuse Treatment (RSAT)

This twelve (12) week program addresses the needs of our juvenile offenders dealing with substance abuse. RSAT services are facilitated by Gateway Services, Inc. staff. The program focuses on anger management, strategies for better living, alternatives to substance abuse and relapse prevention. AA and NA support systems are identified for attending after incarceration. For more information visit:
Program available at PDF

Self-Esteem Class

It is essential for individuals to have healthy self-esteem and awareness of their strength and weaknesses.  Loving yourself is the key to being able to make the changes you want so that you can live the life you dream of.  This Program is faith based and will give inmates a new perspective on life and how to live and be happy with who they are.  This class is a 6 week long program for sentenced males and female inmates. This program is facilitated by staff from the Faith Christian Center.
Program available at MCC


The SISTA/NIA program is a two week program that is facilitated by River Region Human Services, Inc., H.O.P.E. Project. This is a voluntary program that teaches safe sex decisions, HIV awareness in the community (how its spread, how to reduce the prevalence, etc.) and provides free and confidential HIV testing. For more information visit:
Program available at MCC

Substance Abuse Program

The Substance Abuse Program is facilitated by River Region Human Services, Inc. staff and provides information and education to all inmates.   Subjects such as chemical dependency, AIDS, the impact of cocaine, and the 12 Step Program are covered in a series of twelve classes.
Program available at PDF, MCC and CTC

Thinking for a Change (T4C)

Thinking for a Change (T4C) is an integrated, cognitive behavior change program for offenders that are housed in jails, prisons, community corrections, and probation and parole facilities. It is taught by our Department of Corrections staff, both civilian and officers. This course is delivered to small groups of offenders, addressing the components necessary to change ones thinking process. For more information visit:
Program available at PDF, MCC, and CTC

Victim Impact Panel

This program provides an interactive forum for those who have been victimized or who have loved ones that have been impacted by the crime of D.U.I. This program is facilitated by volunteers from M.A.D.D. (Mothers Against Drunk Driving). For more information visit:
Program available at CTC

Vocational Training

Montgomery Correctional Center offers an in depth vocational training program focusing on various welding and sheet metal fabrication processes. This training program offers the participants the ability to learn job skills that will assist them during their re-entry into the community. The program completes numerous projects in the community and for non-profit organizations annually with no associated labor costs to our community. The inmate participants receive a training certificate with the total number of welding and fabrication training hours received to assist with finding employment in the vocational field.

Women’s Center of Jacksonville Support Group

This program provides incarcerated females, transitioning back into the community, with a core, stable and healthy form of support.  During each group session, coping skills, transitioning back to reality, reuniting with children, healthy relationships, self-esteem, relaxation techniques, stress management, beauty tips, etiquette, anger management, grief, health and family matters are discussed. Once the participants return to the outside community, they can attend the support group at the Women’s Center of Jacksonville. This program is provided by staff from the Women’s Center of Jacksonville.
Program available at MCC and PDF

Work Furlough

The Work Furlough Program allows carefully selected offenders to be employed in the outside community.  The participants’ earnings help offset the cost of their incarceration. Program participants are required to pay room and board, family support, restitution and other court ordered costs.
Program available at CTC

WorkNet Solutions, Inc.

WorkNet provides career development training for hard to place job candidates.  The candidates include day laborers, those recently released from prison or jail, those coming out of drug rehabilitation centers or single parents on welfare.  The training helps the candidate identify the appropriate career field as well as identify and overcome barriers to that career. This program is provided by WorkNet Solutions, Inc. staff and The Clara White Mission. For more information visit:  and
Program available at MCC

Yoga 4 Change

The goal of this voluntary program is to help the participants to identify mental conflicts, personal disharmony, and expands the conscious awareness of their thought patterns through the practice of Yoga.  Participants learn that the body-mind is a vehicle for a peaceful, mindful life. Whereby, they are learning to cope and appropriately handle personal experiences and challenges calmly and effectively. Yoga 4 Change is facilitated by Kathryn Thomas. For more information visit:
Program available at CTC and PDF


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