The Crime Analysis and Research & Development section is recognized as a leading force in turning data and information into better crime fighting. This highly skilled team is comprised of dedicated individuals working to support the Sheriff's efforts to solve community problems and reduce crime.The crime analysts are centralized, but fully mobile and support diverse units in divisions agency-wide including: investigations, patrol, and homeland security.

Information is the heart of the section. Whether it is finding suspects or identifying patterns, improving responses or securing grants to better our abilities, the Crime Analysis and Research & Development section is at the forefront of both micro and macro level analysis. With experience and expertise in analysis, logistics, best practices, research, data-mining, and a myriad of cutting edge software applications, the team plays a key role in shaping our Intelligence-Led Policing activities.

The section is nationally recognized as a leader and often presents at conferences or seminars throughout the country. They also partner with organizations such as the IACA (International Association of Crime Analysts), IACP (International Association of Chiefs of Police), and the COPS office (Office of Community Oriented Policing Services) as well as partnering on research projects with universities such as the University of Florida, Rutgers, John Jay, and Michigan State.


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