The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office produces a variety of educational brochures, printed materials, pamphlets, and videos for citizen use. The PDFs* and videos below are listed by topic and can be downloaded and used as needed.

JSO's Community Affairs Division also provides free crime prevention programs for neighborhood groups and associations. For more information, or to set up a program, call (904) 630-2162 or click here

For a printable file of "Ways to Connect with JSO" and "Citizen Involvement Opportunities" please click here.
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Bicycle Safety

Brochures Available in Languages Other than English

Mandarin Chinese   Spanish

Business/Workplace Safety

Child Safety

Disaster/Emergency Preparedness

Additional materials are available at:

Economic Crimes

Gun Safety

  • Gun Bounty Program
    • Gun Bounty - "See It, Say It, Stop It" Palm Card
    • Gun Bounty - "See It, Say It, Stop It" Poster/Advertisement
    • The television/radio spots and public service announcements as identified below are copyrighted and can be used by permission only. Please contact the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Public Information Office at (904) 630-2133 for more information.
      • :30 Commercial - "Dear Hero, thank you for your call"
      • :30 Commercial  - "Stand up to crime, take back your neighborhood"
      • :30 Commercial - "Turning in someone with an illegal gun guarantees $1-Grand"
      • :29 Radio Commercial - "Dear Hero, Thank you for your call"
      • :29 Radio Commercial - "Turning someone in with an illegal gun guarantees $1-Grand"


From the archives. Please watch these two commercials with your teenagers:

Holiday Safety

Home/Residential Safety

Internet/Cyber Safety

JSO Programs/Available Services 

Personal Safety

Pet Safety

Restaurants/Shopping Safety

Safeguarding Your Property

Senior Citizen Safety

Street Sense

Travel Safety


Traffic Safety