For the requirements and exemplars please click here* or contact Police Officer L. Hackett at (904) 630-2142.


Schedule of Civil Process Fees – 09/11/12

Civil Unit - (904) 630-2141
Sergeants J. Anderson - (904) 630-4327 or T. Rhodes - (904) 630-2599
Levy Officers – L. Hackett  or C. Plank – (904) 630-2142



Non-Enforceable Process
Summons, notices, garnishments and all other types of process involving service only includes alias and pluries.
Foreign Non-Enforceable Process
Requiring service only, performed per Florida statute and prepared on sheriff's return includes alias and pluries
Enforceable Process
Domestic violence. Repeat, date, sexual and stalking and cyberstalking injunctions (to include foreign)
Writ of body attachment (in county)
Writ of body attachment (out of county) plus actual cost of returning person to Duval County
Certified Break Order for a Writ of Replevin
Writ of possession (eviction)*
Writ of attachment
All other enforceable process
(Advance Deposit For Levy, Pursuant To F.S. 30.231) 
For each automobile, small truck, motorcycle, small boat
For each large truck, bus
Other large equipment or items will be determined by supervisor or enforceable writs officer in the civil unit
Real property (each parcel)(legal description 15 lines or less)
Real property (each parcel)(legal description 15 lines or more)



*Additionally, beyond the first hour, expenses incurred for officer subsequently scheduled to stand-by or conduct a levy will be $46.00 per hour per officer.  


Note:  Fees are payable upon receipt of civil process. Fees are non-refundable, per Florida Statute 30.231(4). Fees are per party to be served. For a copy of the sheriff's return/affidavit a stamped self addressed envelope must be provided with your initial process.

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