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  • Nextdoor – This is a free, internet-based application for Jacksonville residents. The JSO contributes Crime & Public Safety information on this channel. Go to to register your neighborhood or join an existing group.
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  • - To learn about career opportunities at the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office

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Citizen Involvement Opportunities

Ever wonder what you can do? The JSO has lots of things you can do to get involved in the fight against crime. Click on the links below to learn more about citizen involvement programs.
  • Sheriff's Watch - Connecting Sheriff's Advisors, watch Members and the JSO 
Make a difference in your community become an Advisor or Member today!
To learn more:

For a printable file of "Ways to Connect with JSO" and "Citizen Involvement Opportunities" please click on the links below:
  • Color Version*  (updated 04/2017)
  • Black and White Version* (link temporarily broken while materials are being updated)

Justice Coalition's Victims' Advocate Newspaper
A free newspaper supporting victim's rights published monthly by the Justice Coalition. The objective is to be available for innocent victims of violent crime, to educate the general public on criminal justice issues and to be proactive in the fight against crime.

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