• Can the police open my car if I have locked my keys inside? Because of the potential for damage to vehicles the Sheriff's Office does not open locked vehicles. A locksmith is your best alternative. If a child is locked inside the vehicle, the Fire Department will send a rescue unit to remove the child from the vehicle, possibly by breaking a window.
  • Is there a waiting period before I can report someone missing? No, you may make a missing person report whenever you realize someone is missing.
  • I have left my spouse and am living elsewhere but I need to get my clothing and other items. Can the police help me? The Sheriff's Office will send an officer to keep the peace and prevent violence while you retrieve your belongings. Call the police from a public telephone near to where your belongings are, and an officer will go to the house with you.
  • Can I make a police report at any time of day and do I need to make an appointment? The Sheriff's Office will respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week to any requests for police assistance.
  • Can I make a police report over the telephone or does a police officer have to come to my house? Some reports can be taken over the telephone by the Sheriff's Office Teleserve unit. The receiving officer that answers your call can determine if your report can be handled over the telephone.
  • Someone has abandoned a junk car in my parking lot or on my property. Can the police tow it away for me? The police can only tow away vehicles abandoned on public property. Call a wrecker service in your area and the vehicle will be towed away at no cost to you. The wrecker service will notify the Sheriff's Office once they have the vehicle to determine ownership.
  • How can I find out if someone is in jail, when someone in jail can be visited and any other information about persons in jail? Call the jail information number, (904) 630-5787, for any information about someone in jail.
  • My friend or relative is overdue returning home. How can I find out if they were in a traffic accident? The Sheriff's Office dispatch center does not have the names of persons involved in accidents available until later when accident reports are turned in. If a person is injured in an accident and unable to call themselves, we will notify their family.
  • I do not have any transportation and have to get somewhere. Can a police officer give me a ride? Police officers cannot provide rides.
  • I need to get a message to someone that does not have a telephone. Can the Sheriff's office go to the person's home and deliver the message? The Sheriff's Office can only deliver emergency, life or death, messages.
  • Why did it take so long for the police to come when I called them last night? All requests for police services are assigned a priority based on the seriousness of the incident and the potential for injury or damage to property. At times, calls of a less urgent nature must be delayed so that we can respond immediately to emergencies.
  • What procedures must be followed if I have a compliment or complaint about a police officer or other Sheriff's Office employee? Should you wish to compliment an employee who has provided you with outstanding service, please email the commendation to us by clicking here. The commendation will be forwarded to the member's supervisor for review and appropriate action.

If you have a concern or complaint about a police officer or other JSO employee you may go to our web page, Citizen Compliment and Complaint Procedure or call (904) 630-2187.

  • My family and I are going on vacation. Can the police keep an eye on our home while we are gone? You can call (904) 630-0500 and request a "dark report". An officer will call you back to get the information and will pass the information on to the officer that patrols your neighborhood at night. While we cannot "watch" your house, the officer will try to check on it each night.
  • We have a problem with speeders in our neighborhood. What can we do about it? Call (904) 630-0500 for non-emergency police service or report it to the Substation for your area.
  • How do I apply for a position with the Sheriff's Office? Call the Sheriff's Office Human Resources division at (904) 630-2134 for employment information or visit www.joinjso.com.
  • Should I report suspicious activity in my neighborhood? The Sheriff's Office depends on citizens calling to report crimes or suspicious activity. The receiving officer who takes your call will ask questions about the activity to determine its nature and ask for descriptions of the people involved. You will be asked for your name and address but you may refuse this information and we will still respond to the report.
  • How can I evict someone from my property? Eviction is a legal process that often times requires a court order. Call the Civil process office at (904) 630-2141 for more information.
  • What can I do about stray dogs and cats and barking dogs? Animal Control is the city agency responsible for calls involving dogs and cats. Their number is (904) 387-8846.
  • Can I report drunk drivers to 9-1-1 on my car telephone? Yes, calls to 9-1-1 on a cellular telephone are free. Do not try to pursue the drunk driver or place yourself in any danger. When you call you will be asked for the description of the car, where it is, and the direction it is going.
  • Why do they ask so many questions when I call the police? Receiving officers are trained to try to get as much information as possible to best determine the nature of the problem and its seriousness. On emergency calls, the receiving officer has already sent the information to the dispatcher while asking additional questions.
  • Does Jacksonville have a curfew? A curfew applies to persons under 18 years of age. The curfew is 11:00 p.m. Sunday through Thursday nights and midnight on Friday and Saturday nights. A person under 18 is exempt if he or she is:

1. with a parent or guardian or other person 18 or over who is authorized by the parent to have control over the child
2. at or going to or from a job, school or church function,
3. attending an event open to the public and supervised by adults and beginning no later than 10p.m.
4. in an area immediately adjacent to his or her residence
5. running an emergency errand.

Please click here to visit JSO's Curfew and Truancy page on this website.

  • How can I find out about Florida's concealed weapon law? Complete information is available on the Florida Secretary of State's website.
  • Who is required to wear a bicycle helmet? Florida law requires that a bicycle rider or passenger under 16 years of age must wear a helmet that meets the nationally recognized standards for bicycle helmets. It is also unlawful to rent a bicycle to a person under 16 years of age unless the person has an approved helmet or one is provided with the bicycle. Violations of the law relating to bicycle helmets subject the violator to issuance of a traffic citation.
  • Where can I pick up a copy of a police report? You can get a police report at any JSO substation or at the Police Memorial Building, 501 E. Bay St. (Please click here for a list of fees and locations)
  • What is the cost of a police report? Please click here for a list of fees and locations. A victim may obtain a copy of his or her own report at no charge with picture ID.
  • Are police reports available over the internet? No.
  • What information can I receive regarding my arrest information? Local arrest information only is available at any substation or at the PMB. Please click here for a list of fees and locations.

We will need the person's full name, date of birth, race, sex and social security number (if available). A printout listing the charges, dates of arrests and dispositions (if available), or actual copies of the court dockets may be obtained. The Clerk of the Court maintains the official dispositions on all arrests. A statewide criminal history check can be obtained from the Florida Department of Law Enforcement for a fee. Contact the FDLE at P.O. Box 1489, Tallahassee, FL 32302. Phone: 850-488-4931.

  • Can I obtain driver's license information? Driver's license information is available from the Division of Motor Vehicles. The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office does not provide that information to the public.
  • What kind of criminal history information can I get? The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office releases local criminal history information only. This consists of either a printout listing charges, dates of arrest and dispositions (when available).

Please click here for fees and locations. We will need full name, date of birth, race, sex, and social security number.

  • Does the JSO offer fingerprinting services? Where? How much does it cost?  Effective April 1, 2012, electronic fingerprinting will only be available at the Police Memorial Building located at 501 E. Bay St. or at one of the locations on the FDLE Authorized Fingerprint Providers List*.

Ink fingerprinting cards can be completed at the Police Memorial Building or at any substation.
The cost is $5 per card (cash, money order or company check only). A person must present a picture ID at the time he/she is fingerprinted.

The JSO does not supply fingerprint cards. The agency or company requesting the fingerprints should supply the card.

The JSO does not fingerprint children for personal identification. There are many agencies that sponsor programs to fingerprint children.

  • How do I obtain a clearance letter? A clearance letter is basically a background check. It is sometimes referred to as a letter of good conduct. It can be done at any JSO substation or at the PMB. The full name, date of birth, race, sex, and social security number of the persons who needs the clearance must be provided. Please click here for fees and locations. A letter will be provided stating either 'no local record' or 'record.' If the subject has a local record, a printout of the arrest history will be attached.


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